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Nathan Oates
A menu extra for downloading, manipulating and uploading EPG data for Australian Topfield PVR users

MacTF-EPG is an native Cocoa Mac OS X menu extra that helps Australian users easily upload EPG information to their Topfield PVR.


  • Download of EPG information.
  • Display of Now/Next information.
  • Upload of data to the Topfield.

The following features are still to be implemented:

  • Increased notification of errors in downloading

Known bugs/limitations:

  • None at the moment!
MacTF-EPG is designed to work on Mac OS X 10.5/10.6, and should work fine on 10.4 too
Nathan Oates -
Latest Version - v2.0b3
Features and bugfixes
New features:
  • Completely redesigned as a menu extra
  • Universal application
  • Sources now textfile based
  • LCN mapping now textfile based
Bugs fixed:
  • A whole bunch hopefully
Current version (2.0b3)
Previous version (1.4.9)
Source: (GNU GPL v2.0)
Current source (1.1.1)
Previous source (0.7)
Other related applications
TGDPicker - standalone viewer (0.4)
Now On - standalone menulet addon (now obsolete) (0.3)
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